Why to trade in options?

- To safe-guard your investments - It is very important that you do not  lose your capital invested in shares. Options provide you excellent techniques to hedge your investments. So markets may fall, rise or remain static, losses can always be avoided.

- To earn Regular and Consistent returns month after month - Need not wait for months or years to get some returns from your portfolio. You can take good returns every month if you trade smartly through options.

- To leverage your investments - You can start trading with small capital and slowly and steadily build capital from markets. Options give you big exposure with small investment only.

- Flexibility to device your own strategies - Learn the standard strategies and then device your own strategies that suit your investment style , risk appetite and knowledge.

All  this is possible through proper training and guidance only. "One cannot jump in swimming pool without learning swimming." So it is very important to first equip yourself with proper tools of options trading before starting trading.

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